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The deal

  • 2 drinks for RM9.90 instead of RM22
  • 2 drinks + 1 dessert for RM15 instead of RM33

Menu includes

  • Drinks, choose 2:
    - Chocolate (RM11 value)
    - Green tea latte (RM10 value)
    - Summer tea (RM10 value)
    - De-stress tea (RM10 value)
    - Latte macchiato (RM9 value)
    - Latte (RM9 value)
    - Cappuccino (RM9 value)
    - Flat white (RM9 value)
    - Brulee milk tea (RM9 value)
    - Espresso (RM7 value)
    - Short black (RM7 value)
    - Long black (RM7 value)
    - Macchiato (RM7 value)
  • Dessert, choose 1 (for option with dessert only):
    - Crème brûlée (RM11 value)
    - Cake of the day (RM11 value)

Brûlée Brasserie

Within the lush greens of Tropicana golf & Country Resort, up a flight of stairs and through glass wood-framed doors is the rustic Brûlée Brasserie cafe. Patrons have a seat and check-in with the cafe’s Wi-Fi while sipping on a foam art beverage or catch a breath of fresh air at the open balcony while waiting for steaming platters of pasta or Mediterranean dishes emerge from the kitchen. Around the cafe, satisfying cracks are heard as patrons break the torched sugar shell of the cafe’s signature Crème Brûlée served in lavender, cardamom, and other flavours, accompanied by an array of tea or espresso-based cuppas.

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