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The deal

  • 1-tier fondant cake for RM78 instead of RM150
  • 2-tier fondant cake for RM128 instead of RM280

Fondant cake

  • Flavour: Vanilla butter cake or moist chocolate cake
  • Fondant: Mixture of buttercream and fondant
  • Measurements:
    - 1-tier cake: 7”
    - 2-tier cake: 4” and 6”
  • Weight:
    - 1-tier cake: 1kg
    - 2-tier cake: 2kg
  • Designs:
    - Doraemon-themed
    - Winnie The Pooh-themed
    - Minion-themed
    - Princess Crown-themed
    - Little Pony-themed
    - Thomas The Train-themed
    - Hello Kitty-themed
    - Marve Superhero-themed (3 themes, subject to availability)
    - Ninja Turtles-themed
    - Rubber duck-themed for baby showers
    - T-shirt-themed
    - Floral-themed
    - Mickey Mouse-themed
    - Minnie Mouse-themed

Eats and Treats Bakery

Tucked away in Kelana Jaya in Petaling Jaya, Eats and Treats Bakery harnesses the power of whisks, ovens, and rolling pins to transform eggs, flour, and sugar into layers of moist and fluffy cakes. The bakery’s cake sculptors then pipe velvety smooth butter cream icing onto cakes, further twirling and teasing it into swirls of ballgown for a pastry princess or strands of fur for a chocolate chimp. The bakery takes orders for special occasions, spinning birthday wishes and wedding dreams into cheery cartoon cakes and graceful fondant-layered tiers.

Eats and Treats Bakery does not use pork or lard in its baked goods.

Click here for 1-tier designs..

Facebook: Eats and Treats Bakery

Doraemon / Winnie The Pooh

Minion / Princess Crown

Little Pony / Thomas The Train

Hello Kitty / Marvel Superhero (topper may vary) 

Ninja Turtles / Rubber Duck (for girl - pink or for boy - blue available)

T-shirt / Floral

  Mickey Mouse / Minnie Mouse

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