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The deal

Set A for 1 person

  • Weekday (Mon - Fri) meal for RM22 instead of RM44.30
  • Weekend (Sat - Sun) meal for RM27 instead of RM44.30

Set B for 1 person

  • Weekday (Mon - Fri) meal for RM32 instead of RM64.10
  • Weekend (Sat - Sun) meal for RM39 instead of RM64.10

8-course meal for 2 people

  • Weekday (Mon - Fri) meal for RM82 instead of RM163.20
  • Weekend (Sat - Sun) meal for RM98 instead of RM163.20

Meal includes

Set A (choose 1)

  • Buta kimuchi nabe and tonkatsu set (RM38 value)
  • Hotate (scallop) katsu set (RM38 value)
  • Soba and tonkatsu set (RM38 value)

10% service charge (RM3.80 value)

6% GST (RM2.50 value)

Set B (choose 1)

  • Hakusai nabe, fusion sushi and tonkatsu gozen (RM55 value)
  • Iberico buta and garlic rice gozen (RM55 value)
  • Ebi fry, sushi, and sashimi gozen (RM55 value)

10% service charge (RM5.50 value)

6% GST (RM3.60 value)

8-course meal for 2 people

  • Motsu nabe
  • Salmon skin salad
  • Edamame
  • Volcano roll
  • Hacchomiso tonkatsu
  • Salmon sashimi
  • 2x Matcha ice cream
  • 2x Ice lemon tea

Ichiriki Japanese Restaurant

Brought into fruition by the driving force behind the sushi specialisation of Yuzu, Ichiriki expands Japanese palates with piping plates of karaage and teriyaki, with fresh sushi and carpaccio adding to its repertoire. Patrons looking to savour Ichiriki’s specialty dish however should delve into its savoury selection of tonkatsu - breaded prime cuts of kurobuta or the acorn-fed Iberico pork, prized for their tenderness and flavour. Appetites satiated on porcine delicacies can extend the gourmand spirit through premium sake, while Kanagawa waves and triplets of electric candles illuminate inner spreads of the restaurant located in The Gardens Mall.

Set A Buta Kimuchi Nabe & Tonkatsu Set

Set A Soba & Tonkatsu Set

Set A Hotate (Scallop) Katsu Set

Set B Iberico Buta & Garlic Rice Gozen

Set B Ebi, sushi & Sashimi Gozen

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