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The deal

  • Japanese light cheesecake for RM15 instead of RM25

Cake description:

  • Weight: 300g each
  • Length: 20cm
  • Width: 10cm
  • Ingredients:
    - Cream cheese (imported from France)
    - New Zealand fresh milk and unsalted butter
    - Eggs, lemon juice, and cake flour


Snuggled within the E-Gate commercial complex that overlooks the sea and Summerton, this continentally-diverse bakery takes its inspiration from the various locales its chef has visited for the last decade. Assuming a European flair with its selection of baguette, French garlic bread, and pizza menu while appealing to the local palate through its bak kua, char siew, and black glutinous rice creations, the takeaway diner prepares its different mix of batches daily to provide a fresher selection for its patrons.

BreadKING does not use lard or alcohol in its confectionery.

Facebook: BreadKING

Unfortunately the following deal is no longer available
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