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A person who goes sprinting after a hearty tom yam dinner is known to draw their motivation from the eye of the Thai-ger. Today’s Groupon stays pumped with a five-course Thai meal at Tera-Thai Fine Dine Restaurant in Johor Bahru. Choose from:

  • Meal for 2 people for RM45 instead of RM95.95
  • Meal for 4 people for RM88 instead of RM179.45

Meal includes

5-course meal for 2 people

  • Soup, choose 1 (RM23.80 value):
    - Tom Yam Gal Nam Sal (Hot and sour clear chicken soup)
    - Geng Jead Woon Sen Gai (Clear soup with minced chicken and vermicelli)
  • Appetiser, choose 1 (RM15.80 value):
    - Som Tam Mix (Fresh green papaya and mango salad)
    - Thod Man Pla (Deep fried fish cake serve with sweet sauce)
  • Main course
    - Chu Chi Pla (Deep-fried crispy fish fillet with Thai curry sauce) (RM15.90 value)
    - Geng Kiew Wan Gai (Thai green curry chicken) (RM12.90 value)
    - Pak Pung Fai Deng (Thai-style stir-fried kangkung) (RM8.90 value)
    - 2x Thai fragrant white rice (RM5 value)

10% service charges (RM8.20 value)
* 6% GST included (RM5.40 value)*

5-course meal for 4 people

  • Tom Yam Talay Nam Khon (Thick spicy and sour seafood soup) (RM51.60 value)
  • Appetiser, choose 1:
    - Yam Pla Duk Foo (Deep-fried crispy shredded fish and young mango) (RM33.80 value)
  • Main course
    - Gai Phad Phet Mamuang (Stir-fried chicken cashew nut and Thai paste) (RM29.80 value)
    - Gai Bai Kapau (Stir-fried chicken with basil leaf) (RM21.80 value)
    - Khana Man Hoi (Stir-fried kailan with oyster sauce) (RM17.80 value)
    - Tera-Thai Kai Chiow (Minced shrimp in Swiss roll egg) (RM10.90 value)
    - 4x Thai fragrant white rice (RM10 value)

10% service charges (RM15.40 value)
* 6% GST included (RM10.15 value)*

Tera-Thai Fine Dine Restaurant

Featuring a restaurant design and dining rooms reminiscent of traditional Thai homes, Tera-Thai Fine Dine Restaurant is armed with veteran Thai chefs with up to 19 years of culinary experience to whip up a wide range of authentic Thai cuisine on a daily basis. Antique chair and tables set upon scratched wooden floorboards adds to the throw-back ambiance of the eatery located in a refurbished colonial home. The restaurant is easily located a mere 110m away from Johor Specialist Hospital.

Tera-Thai Fine Dine Restaurant does not serve pork or alcohol on its menu.

Facebook: Tera Thai Fine Dine Restaurant 


A truly upmarket experience accentuated by the warm lighting & tastefully done decorations. I love the setup at Tera Thai very much, offering one the privacy when required, with veils to segregate tables apart. – Nov 2012

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