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  • Mon – Fri: RM22 for RM30 cash voucher
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Mad About Coco

Chocolate lovers may gorge themselves full of cocoa-based food and drink at Mad About Coco, a restaurant specialising in, as the name suggests, chocolate. Its sinful treats are given cutesy names like Chocolate Bomb, a hot chocolate drink where you swirl a chocolate on a stick in a steaming cup of milk until it melts; and Innocent Devil Tiramisu Ball, tiramisu topped with a hollow Belgian chocolate casing that gets melted down with a drizzling of warm chocolate sauce. The cafe also serves savoury mains and tidbits alongside its sweet offerings, as well as a diverse menu of hot or ice blended coffee. Its twee-inspired interior that plays with a medley of white and pastel colours contrasts the dark, rich chocolate sweets that line the tables, creating a fun vintage environment for food photography or casual outings.

Mad About Coco does not serve pork or alcohol on its menu.

Twitter: @madaboutcoco

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