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The deal

  • Meal for 1 person for RM18 instead of RM23
  • Meal for 2 people for RM34 instead of RM46 (only RM17 per person)

Each person gets

  • Main course (Choose 1)
    - Bibimbap (RM20 value): Korean mixed rice topped with meat and assorted vegetables
    - Sundubu jjigae (RM20 value): Korean soft tofu stew served with rice
    - Manduguk (RM20 value): Korean dumpling soup
    - Kimchi jjigae (RM20 value): Kimchi soup
    - Doenjang jjigae (RM20 value): Bean paste stew
    - Gyeran mari (RM20 value): Korean egg roll
    - Gun mandu (RM20 value): Korean fried dumplings
    - Mul mandu (RM20 value): Korean steam dumplings
    - Kimchi bokkeumbap (RM15 value): Kimchi fried rice
    - Jjapaghetti with dumplings (RM13 value): Korean dried noodles with dumplings
  • 1 x Drink (RM3 value)
  • 1 x Set of refillable side dishes

Oppa-Ya Dakgalbi

Foodies can find the Korean-owned Oppa-Ya Dakgalbi restaurant located along Jalan Metro Perdana 7 in Kepong, where Korean delicacies like dak galbi (spicy grilled chicken), budae jjigae (thick Korean stew), and mul mandu (Korean steamed dumplings) are pieced together by a chef with up to 10 years of experience. Additionally, the restaurant also serves up a variety of side dishes that are refillable upon request, enough to last a lengthy conversation or two. Oppa-Ya Dakgalbi is a mere 6-minute walk away from AEON Metro Prima Shopping Centre and can be recognised from afar with the help of its black and white rooster signage.

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