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The deal

  • 14-skewer set for RM14 instead of RM28
  • 20-skewer set for RM20 instead of RM40

Set includes

14-skewer set

  • 2x chicken skewer (RM3 value)
  • 2x beef skewer (RM4 value)
  • 2x prawn skewer (RM4 value)
  • 2x ohba with bacon skewer (RM5 value)
  • 2x mushroom skewer (RM3 value)
  • 2x lamb saikyo skewer (RM5 value)
  • 2x aburaage skewer (RM4 value)

20-skewer set

  • 3x chicken skewer (RM4.50 value)
  • 3x beef skewer (RM6 value)
  • 3x prawn skewer (RM6 value)
  • 3x ohba with bacon skewer (RM7.50 value)
  • 3x mushroom skewer (RM4.50 value)
  • 3x lamb saikyo skewer (RM7.50 value)
  • 2x aburaage skewer (RM4 value)

Shin Gen Restaurant

Located in Bandar Damai Perdana, Cheras, Shin Gen Restaurant deviates from popular Japanese dishes by paying focus on lesser known Japanese curries and grilled skewers. Chefs with up to four years of experience prepare homemade curries, served with rice or udon and with various toppings. While sushi and sashimi may be the staple of other Japanese eateries, Shin Gen’s signature dishes involve the use of grills and skewers, like their signature lamb saikyo, a treat of lamb leg marinated in miso. Other foods and flavours that can be enjoyed on a stick include beef, chicken, prawns, mushrooms, and ohba with bacon.

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